Track Rules and Technical Specifications

To assist you with the preparation of your athletes and teams, please review the rules that will be in effect during the Running Room Indoor Games.

Download a copy of the Track Rules. Click here


Transportation and Parking

Schools, charter bus companies, and organizations must make arrangements directly with Parking Services for staging and parking of buses transporting persons to the University of Alberta, including events at the Van Vliet Centre and the Pavilion (Butterdome). Please contact Parking Services in writing, a minimum of 14 days prior to the event day at [email protected] to arrange a specific location for parking. Parking Services will advise if Jubilee is available and if it is not, will suggest an alternate location. Written requests may also be sent to Room 1-051 Lister Centre, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2H6.

Please allow yourself a little extra time to ensure you still arrive on time. Remember the LRT travels to the U of A campus near the Butterdome (see

  Download a copy of the school bus drop locations and traffic flow. Click Here


Event Day Reminders

If you arrive extra-early, please keep your athletes off the track and away from the infield, the back of the track, and the marshalling area. (Your athletes will be invited to the marshalling area when it is safe to proceed. Until then, please keep your athletes in the seating areas.)

Identify in advance an area of the Butterdome (e.g.: middle section, upper bleachers, under your school banner) where you can tell parents to meet your school. Remember there can be up to 6000 kids at the pavilion at one time!

It is to your team’s advantage to have all runners wearing similarly-coloured tops. This makes it easier for the marshals to identify runners for placement on the track. Sets of Indoor Games pinnies are available for use by teams without matching tops.

Athletes should refrain from using washrooms as change rooms; Arrangements have been made to open the pavilion locker rooms. They are located down the east stairs through the lower east pavilion door, and then turn right through the glass doors.

Arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of your competition in order to pick up your registration package and get your students down to the marshalling area.

Track Etiquette

One lap in the Butterdome is 200m. It is a six-lane track. For the first round of elementary relays (February 20 and February 21), eight teams run in each heat (two sets of two teams each share a lane).

During the practice and during the meet, please instruct your athletes to stay off the track, the infield, and the back of the track when they are not running. Athletes should also stay off all high jump and pole vault mattresses. For their own safety, athletes should remain in the bleachers or on the concourse level until they have been directed to the marshalling area.

Two false starts against the same team or individual will result in disqualification.

Video tapes will not be accepted for review of any rule infraction. Our officials are certified by Athletics Alberta.