Please review the overview provided in the Registration Information document.

Please use the following PDF forms to provide the information for the relay teams (or individuals) being entered.
Please Note: person/team needs to compete in the preliminaries (i.e.: the March dates for Elementary (Grades 1-6), February 26 for Secondary).

Elementary Session Availability: If your preferred session is almost full, please indicate your second choice. (Full: All Session A relays and Session D Relays.)

Individual Entry Form
Relay Teams Entry Form

The 8x200m Mixed Relay is for small schools (i.e.: Elementary schools having a combined Grades 5 and 6 enrolment of 60 students or fewer; Junior High schools having a combined Grades 8 and 9 enrolment of 200 students or fewer).
Teachers Mixed Relay is 4x200m.

The payment portal is open until March 9, the final day of the events. “How to pay online” instructions: Click here.

(Suggestion: Please do not use the online payment system until after you have sent your entry form via electronic mail, you have received your entry confirmation, and you have completed recruiting your athletes and received consents and waivers (from each athlete’s parent/guardian) that the athlete is allowed to compete. (This will reduce the need to request a refund if you submitted more entries than what you can fill by the entry deadline.))

Individual Entry Payment: Click Here

Relay Team Payment: Click Here


Students Waiver

Edmonton Catholic Schools Consent Form

Confirmation List (for all dates) (Updated March 6 0300h)
February 26: Schedule, Confirmation List, and Meet Programme (a.k.a.: heat sheets)

March 6-7: Schedule and Rules and Coach Information
March 6: Meet Programme
March 7: Meet Programme (including postponed February 26 heats)

Saturday, March 9: Schedule, Rules and Coach Information, Meet Programme, and Confirmation List (Updated March 8 2230h)

Coaches Packages are available event day on concourse at the registration table.
Universiade Pavilion (114 Street and 87 Avenue) in Edmonton, Alberta


Registration Director
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